Saturday, 4 June 2011

A time before...

Of course, as you would expect, my beloved had a life before she met me, as did I, but now and again I feel cheated not to have known her earlier.

Sofa creatures

Can be found at any time of the day in their usual habitat, often with a carefully arranged nesting of cushions and blankets, in a firm but comfy sofa. The curled up poise of such creatures is their common stance, frequently positioned as to observe the television. It is not rare to note literature either within their hands or on a nearby sofa arm, perhaps even on the floor when an excess of reading matter has been accrued over a short period of time. Whilst they are solitary by nature and fiercely protective of their territory, by negotiation or an offering of hot chocolate they may make space for others of their kind. There is a great reluctance to leave their nesting place, which does become necessary after several beverages, because of the three second rule.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The laughing pony

Stopped in the New Forest for a cup of coffee, a laugh and a chat with the locals.

The maiden

A beautiful maiden I found at Maiden Castle, Dorset. Wind swept and interesting. Cold, but cuddly. Slender and lovely. I lent her my arm and she gave me her hand.